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Portrait with Hands Clasped

About Us

Our Story

Elements of Internal Movement (EOIM) began in 2016, in the aftermath of extreme violence in the Buckeye/Mt. Pleasant community. As the Garden of 11 Angels was created to honor victims of violence Shirley Bell-Weaver decided it was time for a change. As an educator and licensed professional counselor EOIM had the ultimate goal of healing and holistic wellness to support a safe, healthy, and vibrant community. Starting with work at the Juvenile Detention Center to teach social and emotional skills EOIM grew to do this work in two schools in the neighborhood. Soon after programming with youth started, Shirley acknowledged that in order to lift up the community, there needed to be a way to access healthy food and enhance the natural environment.

What We Do

We go into schools in the Buckeye/Mt. Pleasant neighborhood and the Juvenile Detention Center to teach social and emotional skills to youth ages 5-18. We focus on the social determinants of health to drive our programming goals. These goals are reached through artistic and creative expression. Our founder Shirley Bell-Wheeler uses her licensed therapy training to inform every aspect of curriculums and programming whether addressing trauma or conflict management.”

Our Mission

Elements of Internal Movement is an artistically driven non profit organization that combines the priority of wellness, creative expression, and community to foster personal and community transformation.

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