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RevLove Urban Farm

EOIM operates RevLove Urban Farm growing food, hosting community events, and hosting youth programming. This is the physical space of the organization. RevLove provides the space necessary for healing from past violence in addition to a space the community can contribute to as a symbol of pride. We host formal events such as Fall Fest and field trips but also provide a space for the informal experiences in life. When community members walk by the farm and spend 30 minutes chatting and taking a work break, this is the foundation of building a thriving community. Every Friday from June-September is Market Day where fresh produce is harvested and given away within hours. RevLove is not only addressing basic needs by providing free produce, but the need for hope. Since 2017 the farm has been changing the narrative of a community once held captive in the aftermath of unspeakable violence.

Growing Cleveland Healthy

Since 2020 EOIM has been a worksite for Youth Opportunities Unlimited teenagers to gain summer jobs and training. Participants work at RevLove Urban Farm for the summer learning how to grow food but also general job skills. Staying busy and learning skills to live independently are critical to ending the cycle of violence. We are currently expanding our workforce development program to extend the season on the farm and expand to opportunities off the farm.

Elements of Internal Movement

Elements of Internal Movement is a community organization. We serve schools and institutions to meet the wellness needs of young people ages 4-24 years of age.  These goals are reached through artistic and creative expression. Our founder Shirley Bell-Wheeler is a licensed counselor and educator.  Trauma informed care and student directed learning are at the core of what we do.

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